16 February 2009

Colchester Rubber Co.

In 1892, some 25 years before Converse, the original Colchester sneakers were developed in anticipation of the potential footwear demand genereated by the basketball phenomenon, which swept the country from its beginnings in Springfield, Massachusetts. Colchester Rubber Company, guided by George Watkinson, president and innovator of numerous athletic footwear designs, may very well be considered the first sneaker brand. The existence of the firm is little known, as it was absorbed into the Goodyear Metallic Rubber Shoe Company, producers of Keds, beginning in 1916, and subsidiary of U.S. Rubber Company.

In 2004, a faded pair was found in a trunk at an estate sale, worn with age, but in good condition. This pair, found across a continent and more than a century in time from their original birth place, led to a detailed re-creation of the original 1892 model, inclduing a vulcanized rubber sole and cotton duck canvas for the upper.

ColPlainSide Colchester Rubber Co.Cotton duck canvas upper in original coffee brown color

ColLogoSide Colchester Rubber Co.Vulcanized rubber sole

ColLogoClose Colchester Rubber Co.Original Colchester Rubber Company insignia

ColSole Colchester Rubber Co.Distinctive Native American ‘turkey feather’ sole pattern,
intended to improve grip and pivoting ability, while honoring
the indigenous central Connecticut Mohegan tribe.

***Note: These will be coming in a few weeks time.  For any inquiries, please contact sales@winnperry.com.

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