24 February 2009

Drakes London

A couple of years ago, a friend gave me a Drake’s tie and, needless to say, it quickly found its way into the rotation of the half a dozen or so ties that I wear on an actual regular basis.  Now Spring brings to us a shipment from the venerable London based accessories company. 

Since I am in need of a bit of a pick me up today, I decided to concentrate on the few colorful Spring offerings.  Many more standard styles are also avaialbe, with plenty of blacks, browns, and navys, including a couple of grenadine weave repp stripes that are my personal favorites.  We had all of the ties that we ordered narrowed up a bit to 7 cm, or roughly 2.75".  They are narrow without being skinny, especially in the cut that Drake’s uses, which has a wider proportion throughout the body of the tie with the nice 60′s detail of a flared tail (skinny end of the tie). 

We also received a couple of scarves for the cool Spring evenings and linen hanks in a set of 4 scaling sizes and patterns of dots.  More later.

DRKTartTies(1) Drakes London
Drake’s of London Tartan Necktie
Colors (from left): Pink Multi, Yellow Multi, Purple Multi
7cm x 147cm (2.75" x 58")
100% Silk

DRKTartScarves Drakes London

Drake’s of London Tartan Scarf
Colors (from left): Navy Multi, Green Multi
75cm x 200cm (29.5" x 78.75")
100% Linen

PrintScarves Drakes London

Drake’s of London Print Scarf
Colors (from left): Navy/Red, Red/Olive
70cm x 200cm (27.5" x 78.75")
85% Modal/15% Silk

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