24 October 2008

Institut Karite

Institut Karite

Institut Karite Paris was created in 2004. Everything created by Institut Karite uses a formulation of shea butter, utilized for millennia for its magnificent moisturizing properties.

The Institut Karite shave soap is a product that should be in every man’s cabinet. There is not much scent to the soap, so it is great for sensitive skins. However, what is there has a very clean aroma and is pleasing, while never overpowering. This soap also has a wonderful, dense, lather; making for smooth strokes across the face with little to no irritation.

We have received in the range of mens care products that include the well known shave soap, shave cream, and after shave balm. All products utilize a formula featuring 25% Shea Butter, leaving your face very moisturized after each shave.

IKShaveSoap Institut KariteInstitut Karite Shave Soap with 25% Shea Butter
100 g (3.4 oz)

IKShaveCream Institut KariteInstitut Karite Shave Cream with 25% Shea Butter
75 ml (2.53 FL.oz)


IKBalm Institut KariteInstitut KariteAfter Shave Balm with 25% Shea Butter
250 ml (8.45 FL.oz)

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